Tax Information

General Info

Taxes are due on September 14th.  Please mail early, as we do not accept postmarks as the due date.  We cannot be responsible for any delays with the postal service.    Please use the yellow return envelope provided for you in the tax statement.

If you are having difficulty in making a one-time tax payment, please feel free to make ANY partial payments from July 1st through September 14th or longer if need be.   You will then only have interest on the total of the unpaid taxes.  You have until February 29th before any portion of the unpaid bill will be turned over delinquent to the county.

If you would like a paid receipt, include both parts of your tax bill with a self-addressed envelope. We will return the top portion of the bill with a dated paid -stamp on it.  Otherwise, just include the lower part of your bill with your check and your cancelled check is your receipt.

Credit card payments ARE NOT accepted at Township office.

Note for ONLINE BILL PAYMENTS: Payments made through your bank do not arrive at the township on the date you pay them.  Please allow enough time for payments to be mailed from your bank to the township. Payments must be received at the township on or before the due date to avoid interest and penalties.

Make checks payable to: Vergennes Township.  Any payment received after the due date that does not have interest added will be applied as a partial payment.  State law prohibits the Township from waiving these charges.

Office hour are Monday and Wednesday – from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. and Thursday “ from 9a.m- noon.    For your convenience, there is a mail slot in the door for after-hour payments.  Be sure to place a check or money order only through the slot”please no cash.

It is your responsibility to make sure your taxes are paid.  Pay early to avoid any interest being added to your tax bill.  You can check periodically on the Vergennes Township website to see if your taxes have been posted.  The web site is usually updated daily. If you click on tax and assessing information, you will be redirected to another web site. You can search by name, address or parcel number.

Search Assessment & Tax Info Online!

Please check your tax statement for accuracy.  If you have a mortgage company,  please look under your name for the mortgage company to which the tax bill was sent.  If the mortgage company is wrong,  please contact me at the Township so that I can correct this.

Under “Tax Detail” on your tax statement, you will find your Principle Residence Exemption. Your P.R.E. will show you how much your tax bill has been reduced.   If you feel you qualify for a P.R.E., please contact our assessor.

Have a wonderful and safe summer.

Escrow Accounts for Taxes

If your taxes are paid from an escrow account, your copy of the tax bill should state “INFORMATIONAL COPY ONLY” near the bottom of the bill. If this message does not appear on your tax bill, you need to send your escrow holder a copy of your tax bill or contact them to make sure they are aware of the summer taxes due on your property. Under Property Information it will give you the name of the escrow holder that your bill was sent to. If there is a Tax Service listed, please contact your mortgage company to see if the tax service is handling the payment for your mortgage company. Escrow companies must request a listing of taxes due to clients they service before each summer and winter billing cycle.

Payment Options for Tax Bills

***Mail***Please mail your payment in the enclosed yellow envelope. If you would like a receipt for your property taxes, please include the entire bill and a self-addressed envelope. We will receipt the top portion and return it to you. If not, please enclose the bottom portion of the bill only with your check.

***Mail Slot***For your convenience, a mail slot is located in the entry door for after-hour payments. Please no cash in the mail slot. The same procedure applies to receipts.

***In Person***Payment may also be made at the Township Office on Monday, Wednesday, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m and Thursday 9am – noon.