October 14, 2019

Field Review Notice

The Assessor is required to appraise, for tax purposes, all real and personal property within the Township. Michigan Statute requires that all property be evaluated annually based on current market conditions. This evaluation requires an inspection of each property in the Township.

This includes measuring all buildings and other property improvements on the property, taking current digital photos of the property, verifying the buildings current   physical condition reviewing the amenities present, and interviewing the property owners to determine bedrooms, baths, and type of basement, etc.

The State of Michigan has recommended that 20% of properties in a governmental unit be visited each year to review assessment record accuracy and to ensure that properties are being appraised and assessed at 50% of the market value. In efforts to continually improve our excellent standards, the Assessor’s office strives to enhance the annual review process and better meet or exceed the State of Michigan’s expectations. The goal is that the Assessing office will review at least 20% a year of the Township, then every single property is visited at least once every 5 years.

If one of the inspectors from the Township arrives wearing a Township issued I.D. badge and carrying a clipboard and digital camera and knocks on your door requesting to review your property, please welcome them. Accurate assessments benefit everyone in the community.