Building Permits and Inspections

Beginning December 1, 2021 residents who need a building permit can expect the following –

  1. Fill out a zoning permit application ( and pay the $50.00 fee.
  2. Fill out a building permit application (Cascade’s website or and send application and pdf of blueprints via email to
  3. Zoning Administrator, Ryan Carrigan will do the zoning review. When approved, Ryan Carrigan will forward all information turned in at Vergennes onto Cascade. Additional Building Permit application requirements Cascade requires can be found at,-fees-and-permits.aspx#Building 
  4. From this point on Cascade will contact applicants with any questions or notification when the permit is approved.  Cascade will handle all building permit fees.

All building questions and inspections will be handled and scheduled by Cascade Township. 

Cascade Township Building Department

5920 Tahoe Dr SE

Grand Rapids, MI 49546-7123


Cascade Building Department information

Building permit application requirements, and Building, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing permit forms,-fees-and-permits.aspx#Building

Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Permits

Vergennes Township contracts with Cascade Charter Township Building Dept. for these permits. 

Brian Wilson
Cascade Township – 616-949-3765 

5920 Tahoe Dr SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

For Permit applications – Cascade Township Building Department