Board of Review


Jim Herb
Tim Wittenbach
Steve Hansen
Ken Ford

Board of Review members are appointed to two year terms, with each term beginning on January 1st of an odd numbered year.  There are no term limits for these members.  The Board of Review is required to meet in March to hear assessment and classification appeals.  The Board of Review may also be required to meet in July and/or December to correct clerical errors or hear Principal Residence Exemption appeals.  

Correspondence or telephone messages should be directed to the township office.


Property Assessment Image

Homeowners are encouraged to review your Notice of Assessment, Taxable Valuation, and Property Classification. This notice provides the property owner with pertinent information regarding their property. There are three important areas to review. 

o   The notice provides the 2022 valuations, the 2023 valuations and the amount of change. 

o   The document will show if the Taxable Value was “uncapped” as a result of a transfer of ownership. Line 5 of the notice will indicate whether there “was” or “was not” a transfer of ownership of the property during 2022. If there was a transfer of ownership, the Taxable Value will be the same as the Assessed Value. 

o   The notice will indicate the percentage of the property being used as a Principal Residence. If you own and occupy the property as your principal residence, the percentage indicated should be 100%. 

Please review each of these areas for accuracy. If you believe that the values, the property classification, the Principal Residence percentage, or the information on line 5 is incorrect, please contact the Assessor’s Office. 

If you believe there is an error on any of the information on your notice or your property record information, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding any of this information, please contact the Assessor’s Office. 

If you have determined that there are no errors in the information on your notice or in your property record information, but you still do not agree with your values please contact the Assessor’s Office. You may ask to informally discuss your value with the assessor to possibly resolve the issue or you may appeal your value directly to the Board of Review either in person or by mailing in a write in petition.