Review of Boards and Committees


PLANNING COMMISSION:  The basic function of the planning commission is to make and adopt a plan for the Township’s land use development.  They have adopted and continue to review the Township’s Master Plan.  They review and make recommendations to amend the Zoning Ordinance so that it is compatible with the land use plans that have been set forth.  The Planning Commission reviews plats, sub-divisions, condo projects and P.U.D.’s (Planned Unit Developments) and makes recommendations to the Township Board prior to their action.  The Planning Commission or Sub-committee of that body reviews the site plans for all Commercial and Industrial buildings or additions. 

Planning Commissioners serve staggered three-year terms.  They are appointed by the Supervisor with Township Board approval.  Five to nine members are allowed by State law on Planning Commissions.  One member is a representative from the Township Board of Trustees.  The rest are appointed from the Township-at-large and must represent various Township interests and localities.  The Planning Commission currently meets on the first Monday of each month.  Sub-committee or special meetings are held upon demand.  Per diems are paid to these members.

Continuing educational opportunities are strongly encouraged for these members.  Seminars are offered through Michigan Townships Association, Michigan Society of Planning Officials, and local land use organizations.

ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS:  The Zoning Board of Appeals must hear and decide appeals from any order, requirement, decision or determination made by any Administrative official charged with Zoning Ordinance enforcement based on the criteria set forth in State law.  This Board meets upon demand.  Appointments for the five members from the community-at-large are made by the Township Board for three-year terms.  In addition, a member of the Planning Commission serves on this Board, and a member of the Township Board may serve on this board.  The Township Board also appoints two alternate members.  Per diems are paid to these members.

Continuing educational opportunities are strongly encouraged for these members.  Seminars are offered through Michigan Townships Association, Michigan Society of Planning Officials, and local land use organizations.

BOARD OF REVIEW:  The Board of Review’s basic function is to review and examine the property assessments made by the Assessor and to hear assessment appeals from property owners.  Members serve two-year terms and are appointed by the Township Board.  The appointments begin on January 1st of odd numbered years.  Per diems are paid.

The Board of Review begins to meet on the Tuesday following the first Monday in March.  Appointments for review of assessments are scheduled by the Township office.  After completing these hearings, the Board members must review their findings with the Assessor and make their recommendations for change.  This process may require one to ten days of service.  At least one evening of appointments must be scheduled due to the size of our Township.  The Board members are also required to meet for a short meeting and/or hearings in July and December if necessary.

In February of each year, Board of Review members, Assessors and Supervisors from four counties meet for an educational session to review current and any new legislation affecting assessing.

HISTORICAL COMMISSION:  The purpose of this commission is to establish a permanent body to collect, store, catalog and otherwise preserve historical documents and artifacts for future generations.  Members of this voluntary group are appointed by the Township Board for three-year terms.  It is desirable to have an architect on this Committee.  Currently the Commission meets approximately four times a year.

CONSTRUCTION BOARD OF APPEALS:  This Board hears any appeals from the property owners or their agents to matters concerning the enforcement of the Building code and renders a written decision.  Members are appointed by the Township Board because of their knowledge and expertise in the construction area.  Three to seven members who serve staggered three year terms are allowed by State law.  The Board meets on demand; per diems are paid.ROAD ADVISORY BOARD:  This committee was created by the Township Board to serve in an advisory capacity to the board concerning road/traffic issues in Vergennes Township.  They are asked to assist and advise on establishing priorities for road improvements and paving projects, to give rationale for decisions, to investigate other means to accomplish our goals, to determine willingness to participate in funding projects, and to stay informed on road issues.  This group of volunteers consists of five to seven residents.  It is desirable that these residents represent various areas of the township, and live on both paved and unpaved roads.

OPEN SPACE COMMITTEE:  The Open Space Committee of Vergennes Township is a township board approved volunteer citizen committee.  Their challenge is to find ways to preserve our rural character as the Township continues to change. The committee recognizes that increased development in Vergennes Township is inevitable and the need to engage people with various viewpoints is imperative.  The Open Space Committee’s mission is to promote protection of the township’s rural character, open spaces and natural areas, while respecting property rights and enhancing property values.  Any one can be a member of this committee, and interested residents are encouraged to attend the meetings held the last Wednesday of the month at the Township offices.