Fee Schedule

As amended 11/20/06

Escrow Fund Policy - RESOLUTION 1-99 - Revised 4/21/03, 1/17/05, 9/18/06, 12/18/06

I. PLANNING COMMISSION - Residential, Industrial, and Commercial Developments
and Private Roads

These fees cover site plan review costs of Planning Commission and final approval of Board, including costs of meetings, publications and mailings.  Applications and pre-application conferencesmay also require an escrow deposit.  See current Escrow Policy.

A.  Application Fee - $300.00
      For Plat, Site Condominium, Planned Unit Development, and
      Manufactured Home Developments

B.    Private Road Approval Fee - $300.00
       Applies only when proposed road is not included as part of a project requiring
       an Application Fee.                                                                   

C.   Special Use Permits - $300.00
       See Section VI. and VII. for Permits not needing Planning Commission review

D.  Re-Zoning Requests - $300.00

E.  Special Meetings – Applicant to pay a fee equal to the cost incurred, to cover items such
      as, but not limited to, commissioner/trustee per diems, notice publication, and recorder fees.

F.  Site Plan Reviews – needing no Public Hearing - $150.00

II.        ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS - Application for Variances and Appeals
    A.    Application for an Appeal - $300
                        Includes applicant’s appearance at special meeting
                        Notice publication and mailing costs for hearing.                                                
    B.     Interpretations of Ordinance at Special Meeting - $200


  1. Ordinance on paper - $15 plus mailing costs  (free on web site)
  2. Ordinance on diskette - $2 plus mailing cost
  3. Comprehensive Plan - $20 plus mailing costs                                                            
  4. Zoning Maps - $5 plus mailing costs
  5. Voter registration list on disk or paper - $25, plus mailing costs. 
  6. Copying - .25/page - No Charge to residents up to 10 pages
  7. Fax (incoming and outgoing local calls) - $1
  8. FOIA request  - see FOIA application form


Split Application Fee - $25 per resulting parcel                           

V.         CEMETERY


            A. Purchase of Burial Space
                        1.  Vergennes residents - $30    
                        2.  Non-residents - $500
                        3.  Transfer from owner to qualified assignee - $10
            B. Grave Openings
                        1.  Vault - $350
                        2.  Cremains - $150
            C.  Other cemetery related fees are on file with the Clerk.


            A. Sign permits - As stipulated in Section 201.403D - $25
            B. Zoning compliance permits - $25
                     Home Occupations
                     Home Based Businesses                                                                                                     
                     Rental Storage                                     
                     Agriculture Buildings                                                                            
                     River access docks, stairs, boardwalks
                     Residential Animal Permit
                     Cell Antenna Co-location


           A.  Special Use Permits (needing Board approval only) - $150
                         Temporary Residence
                         Accessory Dwelling
                         Public Utility, Essential Services Buildings
                         Special Use Signs
                         Other Miscellaneous SUP’s as presented to the Board

           B.  Liquor License Applications - $150
           C.  Misc. applications to the Board involving a Public Hearing - $150